Hello iWebKit user,

We are looking for developers who what to help us with iWebKit and the website. We are also looking for bloggers and moderators and people who would like to help iwebkit’s marketing. We are finally working hard again on the next version of iWebKit, version 5.0.

As soon as it is ready we will e-mail some of the people that have contacted us. What you do then will determine if you are in our development team or not. Your task will be to add 1 or more features to iwebkit following certain basic rules:

-It needs to be very lightweight

-Use small or no images (use css3 gradient and shadows for example)

-Use limited amounts or no javascript, always try to find a css3 solution first!

-Be user friendly (the least amount of elements possible in the html code as iwebkit is structured right now)

If you can’t come up with a new feature which is understandable you can also add simple improvements to boost load speeds or make the overall code simpler.

You can also send us links to projects and sites you have made. Your work and commitment will make the difference. If you are interested send your CV and you motivation to contact@iwebkit.net and let us know why you want to be a part of iWebKit. Greetings,

Christopher Plieger & Johan van Wilsum

Looking for new people!