How do I start building with iWebKit?
First of go to our download page and download the latest version of iWebKit; inside you will find a detailed User guide with step by step instructions.

I have a question, where can I ask it?
Our community will be glad to help you out. Just head to our forum right away and search the forum to see if others might have asked the same question before, if not post yours in the right section.

Why choose iWebKit?
There are a lot of reasons why you should use iWebKit for your mobile website. First of it’s the lightest in it’s kind because it uses no bloated javascript that is mainly useless to the user experience and might just provide some visual appeal. moreover it’s the kit with the most iphone-like features ever made and the design of your pages will look brilliant. Last it’s easy to set up. Even someone without html experience could make an iWebKit site thanks to the included user Guide.

What to do when my links don’t work as expected?
We are using javascript to enable the full screen ability in iWebKit. This might cause some minor problems like external apps not opening or other javascript not working right. There is a simple solution to this and it’s hidden right in the user Guide included with iwebkit. You simply have to add to any link to disable the javascript on it.