The file package of iWebKit has been developed to help your create your own website which is compatible with different electronic devices. Since this tool is so easy to use, a lot of people can simply customize their platform with just a few clicks. However, our platform still offers support to companies and individuals that are experiencing some issues while downloading the iWebKit. Inside the package we included a detailed user guide with step by step instructions, providing our client all the documents they need to complete the installation. Recently a Dutch company that offers information regarding online casino spelen reached out to us. They had some issues with installing the iWebKit tool and asked us for some extra support. Now the clients of this gambling company are able to visit the website of online casino spelen with their Apple devices.

We are still working on improvements and upgrades of the iWebKit tool and are very dedicated to make sure that we use the latest technology to do it. Our new developed simple framework is included with some smart adjustments, including the previous images that we’ve now replaced with a CSS gradient to make it a more professional environment. Another great new feature is the new developed double advertisement bubbles, that will allow our online users to advertise easily and very effective. A lot of companies requested us to develop more features based on advertisements and running campaigns, so we focused on this particular field in order to fit the needs of our clients. Some other small adjustments in our latest version are the topbar changes in landscape mode, addition of blue buttons and the addition of new menu icons. Which makes it easier for people to customize the online environment.

Visual appearance is getting more important everyday and that is why the iWebKit tool can be a great asset to any kind of business. Even people without the html experience will understand this great solution and presence boost. The latest version iWebKit 5.04 is now available for download and is added with a PHP rss feed. On the website of iWebKit you will find a page called Downloads, here you will find two different documents ( and UserGuidePrint.pdf). The guide is included with all the instructions that you’ll need to succeed the installation of the iWebKit. If you are experiencing some issues, similar to the online casino spelen or gokkasten en fruitautomaten platform, don’t hesitate to contact our support team. On our Frequently Asked Questions page you will find some general details and answers to the most common issues and questions.

Soon we will launch the new updated version, which is the iWebKit 5.05. We are still working on the latest adjustments and development, so the release date is still unknown. However, by checking our website regularly you will be able to stay updated about our latest developments and available downloads. Besides providing our clients with additional information, we will also publish a new blog with the latest information and news of Javascript developments and other frameworks.