Press release iWebKit 5
From today iWebkit 5 is available for free download. iWebkit is a framework which is useful for websites and web applications and is optimized for iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad. The framework how allows users with little programming experience and within a short time professioneel looking websites for mobile devices from Apple.

Version 5 is a major update: this version does not only has new features but also a rewritten core. The use of CSS 3 are the products made with version 5 now up to 3x faster.

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What is iWebkit
iWebKit is a file package designed to help you create your own iPhone and iPod Touch compatible website or webapp. The kit is accessible to anyone even people without any html knowledge and is simple to understand thanks to the included tutorials. In a couple of minutes you will have created a full and profesional looking website.

What makes iWebkit the best
iWebKit is a great tool because it is very easy to use, extremely fast, compatible & extendable. It is simple html that anyone can edit contrary to some other very complicated solutions based on ajax. Simplicity is the key!

How to use iWebKit
Developing with iWebKit is the easiest way to create your own website. It is just copy and paste! You can extend iWebkit by adding themes and plugins customizing it the way you want to. The possibilities are infinite. Try it now!

How much does iWebkit cost
iWebkit is free use based on the GNU licence. Please donate for our work because we spend a lot of time working on iWebkit and everything around it for you!

First created in September 2008 as a simple project, iWebKit quickly grew and became vastly popular. Christopher Plieger began this project just to play around with his new iPod and web writing skills, eventually he discovered people where interested in further development and he responded to those suggestions by updating his framework. iWebKit was first famous in the underground jailbreak scene where it was used as a template for description pages in Cydia. After that quick success a computer website was created to make the project more accessible to people randomly seeking for webapp development help. Quickly people became interested and due to a vast buzz that spread on the web Christopher got contacted by the owners of “touchpodium” who offered him solid hosting for his site. After a while Christopher wanted more independence and that is where Johan came into play. After a couple very friendly mail exchanges where we discussed about iWebKit’s future Johan offered him to host the site on his server and to redesign it completely which Christopher gladly accepted. Today iWebKit has beenvisited by hundrends of countries in the world and has been downloaded at least 150000 times since it’s release. And there is still more to come!